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    Great SEO Services

    By Deanna Banana, Director of Market

    "In 2013, we began our relationship with Global Reach. We were seeking a website redesign, guidance on search engine optimization, and tools to help us achieve the web presence that was essential to drive our customer and recruiting goals. Global Reach allowed us to pursue our goals at our own pace and comfort level. We began with the website redesign and within a short time went live with our responsive website.

    By early 2014, we were ready to implement the final stage of our strategy by incorporating search engine optimization (SEO). We do not have a marketing department to devote to these projects, yet Global Reach was patient in starting at the foundation to explain their strategy and vision for SEO. Now we have two years of data and the year-over-year comparison is remarkable! This past year, new user traffic to our website has increased 39%, session use has increased 27%, and organic search has increased 20%.

    We are very pleased with our decision to work with Global Reach. Their quarterly reviews ensure that we stay on target to achieve optimal results from this resource. We have met our goals and have exceeded our expectations for the SEO strategy that was implemented by the Global Reach team."

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