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    Global Reach Launches New Intranet & Help Desk for Mana Products

    January 5, 2017

    Ames, Iowa – Global Reach recently partnered with New York cosmetics and skincare company, Mana Products, to design and develop a leading-edge intranet solution that would help to better organize internal communications and operations. 

    In addition to the standard, robust set of features offered by Global Reach’s standard intranet solutions, Mana Products had a custom request for Global Reach’s assistance in building an internal ticketing system with a goal helping the corporate IT staff at Mana Products meet the needs of employees experiencing technical difficulties with their systems or equipment.

    The help desk works seamlessly from two perspectives. First, it provides a direct communication line from Mana employees to their internal IT Team. Secondly, it works as a management software that, on the IT side, facilitates the creation and delegation of work items to other internal IT staff. 

    As a Mana employee needing to submit a work request to the Mana IT team, requests can easily be made through the creation of a ticket. At the ticket’s creation, requestors are prompted to provide important information relating to the nature of the work item, including specifying a level of priority, providing a due date, uploading relevant files and associating the request with a predefined category. Additionally, requesters can create a description for the work item to provide the IT staff any other important information regarding the request. 

    From the stand point of the Mana Products IT team, these users can view a list of all in progress tickets, tickets due today, and newly received work items or messages, right within their dashboard once logged into the Mana intranet. IT staff can delegate any newly created tickets to other team members, or assign it to themselves. Once work has been delegated, the status is triggered to change from new to assigned. 

    Requesters can then easily check the status of any tickets they have submitted by simply logging into the Mana Products intranet and checking the chronological paper trail of communications and actions which are taking place as the IT staff works to complete it. 

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